William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

Security Badge & Access Requirements
at William P. Hobby Airport

As with all US Airports, visitors, employees, tenants, and contractors must have appropriate identification in order to venture beyond open public areas of Houston's Hobby Airport.

The Houston Airport System issues special security ID Badges to fulfill this requirement.  In many cases, getting an airport ID badge involves fingerprinting, background check, and criminal history check.

Access to the International Customs and Immigration areas of the ariport requires additional identification and clearance. For information on this, visit the US Federal Inspection Facility, located in the Passenger Pick-up area of the main lobby.

Airport employees and tenants with a need to drive vehicles within the airport premises are required to undergo special training, as well as getting security clearance and identification badges.  In addition to security concerns, working or moving among operating aircraft can be a significant safety hazard.

The Airport System Badging Office at Hobby International Airport is located in Terminal A, near the Baggage Claim area.  The office is open on weekday mornings and early afternoon.  New applicants should call for appointments.

For information about office hours or other questions, call the Houston Hobby Airport security badge office at: 281-230-3138 or the airport system "Badging" web page at: http://www.fly2houston.com/iah-badging

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