William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

Aircraft Spotters - List of Aircraft
flown in or out of Houston Hobby Airport

We've just started this new Aircraft List.. as the airport has been in operation since 1927, we expect that eventually it will contain names of the majority of airplanes ever flown in the USA!

Hobby Airport has two public areas designated for amateur aiplane spotters to observe & photograph aircraft as they arrive and depart.

Since this Houston air field first opened in 1927, hundreds of models of airplanes have flown on or off the runways at Hobby Airport.  The Editor of this site has flown to & from Hobby since the early 1950's, and many of our visitors also have many years of experiences at Hobby.

For the purposes of this site, aircraft will be divided into three basic categories:

1. Commercial aircraft
2. Private & corporate aircraft
3. Military, government, or simply "unusual" aircraft

In the era of 2000 and later, commercial aircraft have been mostly those flown by Southwest Airlines, including:

Commercial Airliners
Boeing 737 (v. 300, 500, 700, 800) SW Airlines

Aircraft flown by individuals, and flight schools.

Aeronca Champ
Alon Ercoupe
Beechcraft D18 "Twin Beech"
Beechcraft Twin Bonanza
Cessna F150
Cessna F172
Cessna 195
Cessna 310
Douglas DC3 (several variations)
Grumman Cheetah
Gulfstream II
Piper Cub
Piper Commanche

Some aircraft that the Editor has personally flown in, at Houston Hobby:

Boeing 737 (various)
Learjet (various)
Grumman Widgeon (amphibian)
Cessna 150
Cessna 172
Beechcraft - "Twin Beech"


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