at William P. Hobby Airport

Due to limited space on the Hobby airport premises, auto rental companies have free shuttle buses that transport passengers to their nearby auto rental lots.   

Many of the private parking lots and vehicle rental companies occupy property on the North side of Airport Blvd, which is the frontage road along the front of Hobby Airport.

Therefore, the rental car addresses below may not be listed as inside the Hobby Airport terminal building. Each rental company has a booth, or at least a phone kiosk, inside the terminal to provide assistance to passengers needing to rent cars.


Avis Auto Rental
7714 Airport Boulevard Houston, TX, 77061, USA
Phone Number: 713-641-9300
Hours: Sun - Sat Open 24 Hours

Budget Rent-a-Car
7714 Airport Boulevard Houston, TX, 77061, USA
Phone Number: 713-643-9395
Hours: Sun - Sat Open 24 Hours

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
8601 Panair Street, Houston, TX 77061 USA
Phone Number: 713-645-7222

Hours: Sun - Sat Open 5:30am to Midnight

Thrify Auto Rental
8620 Panair Road, Houston, TX 77061
Phone number: 877-283-0898

Hertz Auto Rental
8100 Monroe Road Houston, Texas 77061 USA
Phone: 713-948-5300


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